How To Heal TMJ Without Surgery

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There is such a tendency in today’s society to turn to the more extreme methods for healing.

We have evolved into a society of fixing things quickly. We want a “one size fits all” type of solution to our problems and therefore we don’t really want to work for it.

This is due to a number of factors, but at the heart of it is the desire for convenience.

When it comes to medical conditions, we find it to be very convenient to just turn to medication to help with our problems.

Surgery can help some things but sometimes there are better options

If we have a longer term health problem where medication can't help, the obvious answer may be to turn to surgery. It only makes sense that we fix the problem once and for all in this way.

The problem is that nobody really thinks about the long term impact of having surgery.

It may provide a long term fix but at what cost?

Though it may be convenient, it may not necessarily be right for you personally either. You have to remember that every surgery - even the ones that seem insignificant - can have some serious risks associated with it.

Not only that but your problem may be one that can be dealt with in other ways.

If for example your condition is not that severe, then turning to other methods for treatment may be much more desirable.

Surgery may be better saved for more extreme cases

Such is the case with TMJ disorder - many people are turning to or opting for surgery when that may not be the best idea.

You may not have an extreme case or your jawbone may not be that profoundly out of place.

Though surgery may be the best choice for the more extreme cases, it may not necessarily be the most desirable for everyone.

You always put yourself at unnecessary risk with surgery, even if it’s to help with a condition such as TMJ.

The good news is that there are so many other wonderful ways to cure and heal yourself of TMJ disorder. Though some doctors or dentists may suggest surgery, you may wish to try other options first.

Some natural alternatives to your TMJ problem without resorting to surgery

Surgery has its place most certainly but when it comes to TMJ disorder there are so many other options to try first.

You want to be sure to go for something that will offer you long-term help and put the least amount of stress on your body.

You will see that these fixes may be so easy to try out, and you have nothing to lose. Before you go to the extreme of surgery, you owe it to yourself to try one of these methods first.

Practice good posture and get up and move around throughout the day: We all have a tendency to underestimate the importance of good posture in our lives.

When we slump or walk around with our shoulders sagging, we are causing everything to be off balance.

You might not realize it, but this bad posture can impact our teeth grinding and clenching.

If your neck or shoulders are full of tension, then you are going to be much less likely to clench your teeth. If you are holding your stress here, you are going to contribute to poor posture as well.

If you get up and get moving, you help to alleviate the stress. Not only that but you help to stretch out the body and therefore help to align everything.

Practicing good posture, stretching out, exercising, and even yoga can all help you with balance and reduce tension.

These all have direct and indirect impacts upon how much you may clench your teeth together. The end result is that making this simple and healthier fix will ensure that you alleviate your worse TMJ symptoms.

Apply a combination of heat and cold to ease the pain: When the pain sets in, you may find that it becomes almost unbearable.

For some people though these symptoms and the pain and discomfort may only be temporary. Therefore before you ever consider something as dramatic as surgery, you might just find that lessening the pain is all you need.

When the pain starts to set in, you want to alternate heat and cold.

That is to say you want to treat this like any other injury or painful health condition.

You want to alternate ice packs and then a heating pad throughout the day leading up to bed time. This may not cure you from clenching your teeth altogether, but it will offer some relief leading up to going to bed at night.

Get into a regimen with heat and cold that works well for you.

Be sure to place the heat or cold source right on the jaw where the TMJ derives from in order to offer the most help.

Turn to pain relievers as necessary: Again this is a shorter term method, but an ideal one for most people.

You will find that many people who suffer from TMJ disorder go through cycles where the pain is bad and then it goes away. This is an instance where a shorter term method such as pain relievers may be ideal.

Know which pain relievers work for you and don’t cause any unwanted side effects.

If you feel the pain setting in, you can be proactive about taking it ahead of time to help you moving forward.

Pain relievers, particularly when combined with ice and cold, can really be all that you need. You may find that this is your “go-to” method and that you need nothing more than this.

If you can find a natural TMJ pain reliever that’s all the better.

However pain relievers are most certainly a better option than surgery for most patients who suffer from TMJ.

Turn to massage or more holistic methods of TMJ treatment: There is something wonderful to be said about holistic treatments overall.

One method for dealing with TMJ disorder is massage.

You can administer your own massage of the jaw line where the pain derives from.

You may also wish to seek out a professional massage that offers a focus on this area of the body. Even if they can help you to get rid of the tension that you may carry in your neck and shoulders, that’s an excellent starting point.

Another thing to consider is turning to natural holistic methods for treatment which can help with TMJ disorder and so much more.

Turning to reiki or even acupuncture can help you to relax the entire body.

This will ultimately help you to move through your day without stress.

It may also offer some tremendous help from the pain that is associated with TMJ disorder as well.

Surgery's final - let it be your absolute final option

In order to get a handle on TMJ disorder you want to try a multitude of different treatments.

You may or may not be a candidate for TMJ surgery in the long term but it’s always best to try out other methods first and foremost.

There are some wonderful natural and effective ways to treat or minimize the impact of TMJ disorder in your life. If you try these out first, you may just find that these are all that you need for long term help.

Though surgery may very well have its place in extreme cases, for most who suffer from TMJ this may be all that is needed to provide some much needed relief.

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