The Best Resources And Tools For TMJ Disorder (TMD)

Are you looking for the best resources and tools for TMJ Disorder?

On this page you'll find a list of our most recommended products and treatments for TMJ Disorder (TMD). There are so many great resources and products out there to choose from but we've personally selected a few for you based on our experience.

Over time we'll improve and edit this list to keep it up to date in case anything changes or new products become available.

Informational and self-treatment of TMJ

TMJ No More: This is the highly popular and established TMJ self-treatment program by Sandra Carter (therapist and former TMJ sufferer). It has thousands of success stories and importantly, is a 100% natural approach for permanent relief (no surgery or drugs). Highly recommend.

Recommended reading on TMJ for self-treatment

TMJ Books: We already wrote a detailed list of our favorite and recommended list of books on TMJ.

But in case you missed it, here are some quick links to our favorite books:

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Oil for TMJ relief

Magnesium Spray: This seems like a strange item to add to this list but believe us, magnesium oil spray is one of the most amazing products for TMJ relief. We swear by it.

The product that worked for us is PURE Magnesium Oil Spray (any 100% brand should do the same). Just spray on the joint and surrounding muscles, and rub it in. It should relax the muscles almost immediately.

TMJ Mouthguards to stop grinding in your sleep

M3 Naturals: Getting a mouthguard was an instant game-changer for us. You can either go to your dentist and get one fitted (expensive) or you can pay about $15 on Amazon for a guard that does the same thing.

Hint: Choose the cheaper option that does the same thing.

Face roller to relieve jaw tension

Eyxformula Face Roller: Such a small, simple and inexpensive device that produces huge results. This handy little tool will help you massage your jaw line and loosen your tight face muscles. Carry this with you everywhere you go for instant TMJ relief.

Orthopedic cervical pillow to reduce neck and jaw tension at night

Misiki Cervical Pillow: One of the most essentials items to invest in for TMJ prevention is a high quality, cervical pillow. These help reduce tension on your neck and jaw while you sleep, and make you clench less in your sleep. Absolutely vital that you own one. This Misiki brand is our favorite.

There you have it.

Also make sure to see our TMJ supplements list for natural food supplements that help TMJ disorder.

If there's anything we absolutely should add to this list, please contact us and let us know.

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