7 Books On TMJ Pain I Highly Recommend You Read

TMJ disorder isn't fun.

I've been struggling with its symptoms for years.

Before actually getting diagnosed and seeing doctors/dentists who understand what TMJ is, I had every scan you can think of.

For a time, I even convinced myself I had a brain tumor, MS, cancer - you name it, I thought I had it!

I wasted so much money on scans and tests that were totally unnecessary.

Getting a TMJ diagnosis is, in many ways, a huge relief.

So today, I thought I'd share with you several books on TMJ relief that are excellent.

Wait... I know what you're thinking!

How is a book supposed to help me with my TMJ pain?

Well, TMJ is one of those issues where testimonies can be really beneficial in helping you find better ways to cope and deal with it.

You need to hear from people who have gone through it.

In the end, the thing that helped me the most was actually hearing from other people who experienced it too.

Coping strategies, supplement advice, exercises - we've all got something to share.

So without further ado, here are the books.

1. Break Away: The New Method for Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines, and TMJ without Medication - Dr. Frederick Abeles

If there's any book on this list that you buy, let it be this one.

Dr. Abeles, Director of the Atlanta Center for TMJ, is arguably one of the most renowned dental experts on TMJ in the world.

He's the TMJ guy.

This book isn't just an overview of TMJ and generic treatments. Rather, Dr. Abeles gives you the keys (H.E.A.L formula) to free yourself from "symptom relief" and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry that just wants to keep profiting off your pain.

Do yourself a favor and add it to your shelf.

2. The TMJ Healing Plan - Cynthia Peterson

This is an absolute gem written by a physical therapist who gets TMJ pain.

One of the most insightful and detailed books around on natural TMJ relief techniques and strategies.

She covers some really unique points that nobody else has been talking about (e.g. training your tongue(!), stress, posture, etc.).

After Break Away, this is a must-own book for TMJ sufferers.

3. TMJ Rehab: Therapeutic Workbook - Dr. Jeff Dolgos

This is quite different to the other books on this list in that it's a workbook for a 12 week TMJ rehabilitation.

That might sound a bit intense but it's highly practical.

Instead of reading a book with a bunch of facts and theory, this is a real hands-on option if you want to walk through a program and see results at the end.

Each week presents very actionable steps for self-treating your TMJ.

4. Taking Control of TMJ - Robert Uppgaard

Your Total Wellness Program for Recovering from Temporomandibular Joint Pain, Whiplash, Fibromyalgia, and Related Disorders

This is comprehensive TMJ overview from the perspective of a holistic therapist.

Robert draws some unique connections that I'd never considered before to fibromyalgia too.

His best points are on identifying and stopping bad habits and stressors which have a direct correlation to TMJ.

5. TMJ No More - Jason Bradford

IMPORTANT: This is not to be confused with a product of the same name, TMJ No More.

This book is basically a complete guide on TMJ.

It covers everything, including the causes, symptoms, and treatments for TMJ.

It even offers different recipes for food you can eat!

TMJ No More goes into topics like Yoga and hot compresses. It explains herbal remedies and how to use them.

Some of the information is readily available online with enough searching but think of TMJ No More as a convenient compendium of all the information you need.

6. Trigger Point Therapy Routine For TMJ - Annie Coomes

Written by a massage therapist and cancer survivor, this book is a gem for TMJ sufferers.

Annie shares her expertise in massage by explaining various types of TMJ-focused techniques.

For anyone looking for natural (non-medicinal) self-help, this is a good one to have.

7. TMJ, the Jaw Connection: The Overlooked Diagnosis - Greg Goddard

This one's a fairly dated book (almost two decades old!).

Treatments have definitely advanced in that time but other than that, the information is still the same.

TMJ, the Jaw Connection offers a detailed overview of TMJ and the various options available for treatment.

It looks at both medical and natural treatment options.


So there you have it!

These are some great books that will help you as a TMJ sufferer.

I'd also suggest that there are plenty of natural options out there to try, such as Omega-3, turmeric and magnesium.

As always, I have to finish with a disclaimer:

Talk to your doctor before taking any advice from this article or other articles on this site. We are fellow sufferers - not doctors.

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